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Posted by WBADA Social Welfare & March 14, 2020 at 11:15 PM

YEAR 2019

 1. 27-28 March 2019 - Free Medical Camp at TELKUPI-BARNI GHAT, Purulia organized by WBADA Purulia Branch.
 2. 17-18 April 2019 - Free Medical Camp at BORO (PALU) PATA with Historic 1st time Health Awareness Campaign via Projector-Slideshow organized by WBADA Purulia Branch.2
 3. 19 April 2019 - Free medical camp and Health Awareness Campaign organised by WBADA Kolkata Branch and WBAMA at Alipur Bodyguard Line,KOLKATA during মাঃ মড়ে I Health Awareness Campaign included IEC PLAY (Anti-Withchcraft) performed by WBAMA.
 4.  8 April 2019 - Medical Camp at Mousuni Island, South 24 Pgs organised by WBADA Kolkata Branch.
 5. 18th May 2019 - Free Mobile Medical Camp at SUTAN TANDI, Ajodhya Hills on occasion of 'SENDRA' (Santal Hunting custom) organized by WBADA Purulia Branch.
6. 8 September 2019 - Free medical camp and health awareness program at Haripal, Hooghly was organised by WBADA Burdwan-Hooghly Branch & WBAMA of BMC. There was an incident of 'Dain'(Witch-belief) in that place, so the camp was organised along with local Adibasi gaonta after informing the local police station. Seven doctors were present on that day, namely Dr Sushil Murmu, Dr Suklal Hembram, Dr Paran Ch Tudu, Dr Jitendranath Murmu, Dr Jaydev Tudu, Dr Manoj Saren and Dr Prasanta Kisku. Medico Suprakash Murmu, Manveer Murmu, Susmita Tudu, Sadhabi Sardar and Gobinda Mardi also joined the camp. Total patients seen were 170. Then 'Dain' problem was addressed to the gathering. Misconception about 'Dain' explained to villagers and the accused.
7. 19/10/2019 & 20/10/2019 - Medical cum Health awareness Camp at Salboni organised by WBADA Medinipur-Jhargram branch on occasion of 5th state annual conference of BJMPM. Branch member and social activist Dr. Dhananjoy Hansda actively participated in this medical camp.
8. 17 November 2019 - Free medical camp and Health Awareness Campaign at Murshidabad organised by WBADA Kolkata Branch.

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