West Bengal Adibasi Doctors Association (WBADA) was formed in 1999-2000 as an independent, apolitical,secular,democratic non-profitable organization within the geographical boundary of the state of West Bengal of India by the Adibasi MBBS & BDS Doctors. West Bengal Adibasi Medico's Association (WBAMA) is the mother organisation of WBADA. Our Ambition To make an adibasi society which is healthy and free of superstitions. To make a progressive and modern adibasi society while retaining our culture and tradition. 

Aims of WBADA  
1. To serve the members of WBAMA & WBADA. 2. To help ST MBBS & BDS Doctors and Students 3. To serve the Society specially backward & marginal people.

Activities of WBADA  
1. To help ST MBBS & BDS Doctors and members of WBADA in their need or problem. 2. To help ST MBBS & BDS Students and members of WBAMA in their need or problem. 3. To assist the Government to deliver the facilities to the ST population properly those meant for them & bring in notice of the concerned authority if any deviation is noted. 4. Free Medical Check up camps for the population in need. 5. Health Awareness Programmes for public. 6. Yearly reunion for ST MBBS & BDS Doctors and Students with their families.

Around 1995 the members of West Bengal Adibasi Medicos' Association ( WBAMA )who had passed MBBS , felt that adibasi MBBS Doctors of west Bengal need a platform.After that in 1996 during the 15th year Anniversary of WBAMA at Kolkata the proposal to form a Doctors Association for adibasi MBBS Doctors was formally placed. Finally in the year 1999-2000 West Bengal Adibasi Doctors' Association ( WBADA) was established by Adibasi doctors who were WBAMA members at the time.Therefore WBAMA is the mother organisation of WBADA. 
West Bengal Adibasi Medicos Association was formed in the year 1981.Since before 1981 some tribal students entered in the medical stream through Joint Entrance Examination.Most of the students were from rural background and therefore faced many problems and difficulties while continuing their studies.There were no connection among themselves.Until one day one of the students wrote a letter to a senior whose name was known by the student,wanting to meet him. Though the hostels were in same area,the junior posted the letter. The letter arrived at the senior’s door and he read it.As soon as he read the letter,the senior rushed to the sender’s room to meet him. And that meeting was a very happy,emotional and memorable moment for both the senior and the junior.After that both decided that they would find and help other tribal students and doctors in medical colleges. Gradually they were successful to make a group of tribal students and doctors. Later they formed West Bengal Adibasi Medicos association and through this association helped all tribal medical students in all aspects e.g. studying, accommodation and some times even financially.The same tradition continues even today. 

West Bengal Adibasi Doctors' Association has seven (7) branches to cover West Bengal. 
1) Purulia Branch - to cover the Purulia District.
2) Bankura Branch - to cover the Bankura District. 
3) Medinipur-Jhargram Branch - to cover the districts of East Medinipur, West Medinipur & Jhargram. 
4) Kolkata Branch - to cover the districts of Kolkata, Howrah, North & South 24 Parganas & Nadia. 
5) Burdwan-Hooghly Branch - to cover the districts of Burdwan & Hooghly. 
6) Birbhum-Murshidabad Branch - to cover the districts of Birbhum & Murshidabad. 
7) North Bengal Branch - to cover the districts of Malda, North & South Dinajpur, Darjeeling, Jalpaiguri, Alipurduar & Coochbehar. 

To smoothly run the association there are following committees : 
A. Central Executive Committee. 
B. Central Advisory Committee. 
C. Central Sub Committees. 
D. Branch Executive Committees.
           A. Central Executive Committee (CEC) : 
           This committee is the supreme authority of the association. It comprises of 
           1) Central President. 
           2) Central Vice President. 
           3) General Secretary. 
           4) Assistant Secretaries. 
           5) Chief Treasurer. 
           6) Assistant Treasurer & 
           7) Central executive members. President & Secretary of each branch must be the member of CEC. 

B. Central Advisory Committee : This committee is formed by senior members of the association.They guide, suggest & help the Central Executive Committee. 
C. Central Sub Committees : Central Sub Committees are formed so that various activities of the association can be done more efficiently and with greater focus. All sub committees work with smooth co-ordination & communication with Central Executive Members, specially Central President, General Secretary & Central Treasurer. Any plan or proposal of sub committees are to be discussed among central executive members before implementation. Convenor of the sub committees selects respective sub committee members from general members with consent of that member. The number of sub committee members may be variable. 
D. Branch Executive Committees : Branch Executive Committees are the authority of the branches of the association. Each branch decides their activity independently and informs the CEC. Portfolios of Branch Executive Committees can slightly differ from branch to branch.